Operating Principles

ChapmanCG is the only fully global, HR specialist search firm located in all regions. Being solely dedicated to the HR profession allows our consultants to have a deep knowledge of the latest trends and practices across all HR specialisations and within every industry. We pride ourselves on our innovation and our ability to seamlessly integrate enabling technologies to stay abreast of market changes, from established to emerging. This allows us to provide our network with the most updated and relevant HR intelligence available.

At ChapmanCG, we take a total career approach, following our HR network from client to candidate—and back again. While we are located in various cities around the world to meet the needs of those who rely on us, we operate as one team under the following principles:

Practical and Flexible

Whether we’re assisting you in changing jobs or helping you structure your HR organisation, you’ll appreciate our practical approach as well as our responsiveness and accessibility. We are flexible in delivering our HR searches and tailor our solutions to what an organisation needs.

Honest and Constructive

We use our collective market knowledge and our extensive network to help you find practical solutions that fit your expectations. We are comfortable acting as a transparent and consultative partner in leveraging or addressing market perceptions.

If we get to know each other through an HR career transition, we’ll be honest about your marketability. If we think your résumé could be re-written to enhance your background, we’ll help you do that. If we think your presentation style could be more succinct, we’ll coach you on improvements. This is part of our honest and constructive approach to helping our HR contacts realise their full career potential.

Caring and Committed

We view all of our HR relationships as long-term. Our HR candidates become clients; our HR clients become candidates. So while we use phrases like ‘client’ and ‘candidate’ in the context of our search assignments, we don’t define our relationships in these terms. We treat everyone with the same care and professionalism that has become the cornerstone our reputation. Once someone is in our HR network, we treat them as a friend for life.

Intelligent and Agile

We invest heavily in our research capability to ensure that our HR intelligence remains second to none. We continually connect with both senior and high-potential HR talent through personal recommendations, industry networking and extensive market research.

We are also proud of our speed and agility. Because of our long-term relationships with HR leaders across the globe, we have a ready network of HR talent to approach on searches in all geographies. The loyalty and goodwill that exists in these relationships allow us to work quickly and efficiently in engaging with the best available HR talent anywhere in the world.