ChapmanCG produces a quarterly update as a service to the Global HR profession. These newsletters help practitioners keep track of HR insights, trends, industry news and employment opportunities, and is now read by many of the world’s global, regional and domestic HR leaders.

Our Q1 Global HR Update

In our final HR Update each year, we traditionally focus on trends in the Human Resources Profession for the upcoming twelve months. We develop our insights through literally thousands of conversations with the best HR talent globally via HR searches and HR networking meetings due to our presence in 57 countries. Our thoughts on five key trends for 2017 are as follows:

1. Digitisation Takes Hold: Digitisation is becoming a major focus of HR leaders. Internally, it focuses on the technology and tools that are being used to enhance communication, performance management, employee wellness and business effectiveness. Externally, organisations continue to grapple with ways to more intelligently engage with customers and potential hires. Talent strategies for the digital marketplace are moving at such a pace that virtual and augmented reality are set to become very mainstream across core HR domains such as recruiting, training and employer websites and intranets.

2. Old is the New Young: HR Transformation is not about to end any time soon. We are living in an age where past business norms are being replaced by rapid change, uncertainty and opportunity. It is now a given that HR leaders need to be wired to cope with continual change. However, the more things change, the more things often stay the same. While the office environment continues to become more multi-generational, it’s becoming clear that Millennials don’t hold all the answers. With Generation Z now entering the workplace, we are hearing more references to ‘experience counts’ and ‘we need some grey hair around here’ from HR and business leaders. Baby Boomers and Generation X-ers are set to make a comeback in 2017.

3. Global Leadership Gives Way to Global Hubbing: The globalisationof business teams, and most importantly, the HR professionhas been happening rapidly over the last decade. The inter-linkages between countries, regions and global leadership are strengthening in most companies. It is now no longer good enough that business or HR strategy is directed centrally from a single global headquarter location. The smartest companies are decentralising innovation and key talent pockets across multiple world locations.

4. 3rd Generation HR Takes Shape: It seems that we’ve only just started talking about the rise of the HR Business Partner and the value of the HR specialist. And yet, we are seeing that, in comparison to say 2011, there are fewer individuals occupying a singular HR Business Partner role. Many HR Business Partners now juggle specialist roles in addition to their core role, or spend their careers moving between generalist and specialist positions. Looking forward, what we have known as HR in the past is now at a pivotal flashpoint for what will be known as HR in the future. New age HR talent are data and finance savvy, with technology skills and broader skills even in marketing or law. The catchment area for HR hires is rapidly extending outside the core field of HR, especially for specialists.

5. Enter the Benefits Decade: Of all the major CHRO agenda items, nothing is of more interest to the CEO and Board these days than the engagement of a company’s employees. Key to this is the need for companies to improve and maximise the employee experience. To this end, we already know that Health and Wellness, for example, is a high-profile topic which is set to become bigger in 2017. We also know that Total Rewards is a key focus of the engagement discussion. In the past, the prime Head of Reward roles and their agendas have been largely Compensation led for top multinationals. The Global Head of Total Rewards at a blue-chip multinational expressed to us recently that ‘the next decade globally will be all about Benefits’. We agree and suggest that 2017 (and beyond) would be timely for companies and Reward leaders to consider how the Benefits space might innovate to ‘move the dial’ on employee experience and engagement.

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