The Chapman Consulting Group’s website — — continues to become more popular with the HR community not only across Asia Pacific Japan, but also outside of the region. For those interested in statistics, we have collated our annual website activity from 1 September 2009 to 31 August 2010 to analyse internet traffic to our site. The Images used in this report are courtesy of Google Analytics.

Traffic Sources


57% of the 33,605 visits out site had, during the above 2009/2010 period, came from Direct Traffic to the website. 16% of our traffic came from Referring Sites and a further 26% came from Search Engines.

Many HR Practitioners have given us the feedback that the HR positions that we list helps give them a sense of what the market is offering, even if they are not actively looking for a job. This has encouraged us to keep our profiles of current jobs up to date. “The status indicators that we use on each of our jobs helps us to be as transparent with our audience, as they show whether a job is upcoming, shortlisting, interviewing, on offer or closed,” said Oscar Fuchs, Associate Director of The Chapman Consulting Group. “The statistics collected from our website go some way towards showing that most of our incoming traffic are from people who already know us, or who are referred to our site by their HR networks”.

Visitors by Sub-Continent


​In 2009/2010, The Chapman Consulting Group’s website enjoyed international readership from across the world. Almost 50% of internet traffic came from South East Asia, which amountedto 16,740 visits. The next strongest contigent were from readers in Eastern Asia, who totalled 7,843 visits. This can be attributed to the strength of our networks in markets such as China and Japan. HR practitioners based in North America and Australia/New Zealand made up the next most popular readers with 3,573 and 3,173 hits respectively. Northern and Western European readership, combined, made up just over 2,500 hits (or 7% of traffic).

“Our site is proving to be popular at three levels”, said Fuchs. “Its country-by-country content across Asia Pacific Japan appeals to current Country HR Leaders, as well as up-and-coming successor HR Leaders sitting in that country. It is also popular with Leaders in regional headquarter environments in Asia Pacific Japan, predominantly Singapore, Hong Kong and China. However we are also attracting increasing interest from Global HR stakeholders in the US, Europe and Australia, who turn to our site for a window into what is happening in HR in Asia Pacific Japan”.

Visitors by Sub-Continent (Raw Statistics)


Visitors by Country


On a country by country basis, Singapore was the most popular location for our HR readership at 14,567 hits (43%). Japan, the United States and Australia/New Zealand recorded almost equal readership of around 3,000 hits (8% each). Next popular were Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, China and the United Kingdom.

“It is not surprising that, as a Singapore headquartered company, our home country recorded the most hits”, said Fuchs. “However, Japan’s number two position shows that The Chapman Consulting Group’s profile is rising in this major market. We are encouraged by non-Asian locations like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and various European countries also featuring in the top 20 locations for readership — it shows that the spotlight is building amongst the global HR community on Asia Pacific Japan”.

Visitors by Country (Raw Statistics)