The IT and Telecommunications (IT&T) industry includes sectors such as computer software, hardware, telecommunications and services. Some organisations in this sector are services and consulting based, others have large manufacturing and R&D facilities too.

The IT&T sector is particularly prone to merger and acquisition activity, as companies need to realign business to keep up with fast-changing and converging technologies. HR Generalist work in this industry can often involve a large amount of pre-merger due diligence and post-merger integration. Some smaller IT firms can fall prey to the cyclical nature of the industry, which for HR can mean large swings in upsizing, downsizing, or other restructuring efforts.

The technology industry has really come into its own, with rapid technology advances putting this sector under the spot light. HR talent who enjoy working in IT often comment about their ability to harness cutting edge technology tools, lean HR structures and virtual working. On the downside, some feel that HR in this industry lacks the human touch of other sectors.

As a general rule the industry is known for having some of the best HR practices in place, where business leaders tend to value input from the department. HR work in this field can therefore be very satisfying.

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