Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) or Packaged Goods companies are characterised by their practice of selling large quantities of lower-cost products, including food & drink, tobacco, toiletries, cleaning products and other household goods. They have manufacturing facilities as well as R&D, marketing and distribution divisions .

Consumer Goods companies tend to be very good at retaining HR talent. They are able to use their strong household brand images to recruit high potential graduates straight from the region’s universities, and invest heavily in developing their HR management careers, often including international assignments and other job rotation programmes. You can expect a high level of sophistication of HR and Organisational Development practices in these organisations, with a strong buy-in from management.

Top-tier Consumer Goods companies rarely look to the outside market to fill senior HR roles, as they would rather transplant someone from elsewhere in the worldwide organisation. Second tier and up-and-coming Consumer Goods companies, however, are less reliant on their internal pipelines of talent, and when HR roles become open in these companies they can often be fiercely contested.

The fast moving consumer goods industry base remains a favorite for HR practitioners who get a kick out of working on products that are often well known to consumers. It is perhaps one of the most "old fashioned" sectors in terms of HR, but also one of the most cash rich in terms of investing in HR tools.

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