The Chapman Consulting Group recently participated in September’s Talent Leader Retreat which was led by Dr. David Rock of the NeuroLeadership Institute and hosted by Citrix in their Santa Clara headquarters. The other sponsors were Merryck & Co. and CEB. It was a full day session which attracted a strong list of San Francisco Bay area talent leaders from organizations such as Adobe, Applied Materials, Bayer, Gap, Juniper Networks, Infosys, Intel, NetApp, Oracle, Qualcomm and Stanford University. Stefanie Cross-Wilson from The Chapman Consulting Group was in attendance.

After a lively opening to the day by Steve Reynosa from Citrix, Dr. David Rock led an excellent session on The Future of Talent, sponsored by ChapmanCG. Dr. Rock’s session explored the macro trends emerging in large workforces and how multinational organizations are addressing them. It was a challenging and stimulating start to the day with plenty of lively participation from each of the tables around the room. The group also appreciated Dr. Rock’s second presentation on Reinventing Performance Management – which provided a revealing insight into how few multinational organizations manage this process well. Dr. Rock highlighted some of the biological reasons for why performance management is so difficult, and provided insight on how leading organizations are finding breakthroughs in performance. He also explained some of his own thinking to the group on how companies might better harness the latest work in the field of biology and neuroscience. This was thought provoking material and very much appreciated by the talent leaders.

While enjoying an excellent lunch, the attendees were able to learn more about the Citrix business through a particularly interesting video; and attendees were also able to take advantage of some networking time. The afternoon sessions saw David Reimer from Merryck & Co. speak on executive succession and development. David presented some enlightening case histories on how leading organizations are accelerating the biggest knowledge transfer across generations in history. Wrapping up the day was Justin Dill more from CEB who took the difficult topic of HR Analytics and brought this subject matter to life by speaking about how companies can make best use of ‘big data’ about their people.

The participants agreed that both the venue and the content were excellent; and they also enjoyed the secondary benefit of being able to network among peers facing similar opportunities and challenges. Over the coming months, ChapmanCG will be collaborating further with the NeuroLeadership Institute on Talent related initiatives around the globe.