Talent Management can be broadly defined as the discipline of improving the performance, skills or knowledge of employees within an organisation. It encompasses the fields of Assessment, Development and Learning. At its most strategic, the role also encompasses the field of Organisational Development (OD), where talent programmes are designed not only to suit the development goals of the individual employee but also the needs of the company itself. The best Talent Management practitioners can apply techniques derived from behavioural science theory to assess and then effect cultural and/or structural changes in an organisation. This can be done both through shorter-term interventions and through longer-term strategies such as performance management, succession planning, leadership development and corporate communication programmes.

Suitability Factors

On a personal level, Talent Management professionals should have the energy and the intellect to motivate and inspire employees, whether through one-on-one coaching, delivering group training sessions or engaging the interest of a crowd. On a professional level, they need to combine the best training methodologies and industrial psychology theories with the practical needs and resources of the company. And at the corporate level, they need to form the bridge between where a company is today and where it wants to be in the future.

Example Job Titles

Head of Talent Management (TM); Head of Talent; Head of Training & Development (T&D); Director of Learning & Development (L&D); Head of Corporate University; Lead Curriculum Architect; Head of Education; Director of E-Learning; Head of Competence Development; Director of Organisational Learning; Human Resource Development Head; Director of Organisational Development (OD); Talent Development Director; Head of Organisational Effectiveness; Executive Development Head; Director of Leadership Development; Management Development Head; Director of Change Management; Director of Organisational Transformation; Head of Performance Management.

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