Talent Acquisition covers the process of identifying, sourcing, selecting, and on-boarding new employees into a company, and is often seen by the business as one of the most important HR disciplines. An 'end-to-end' internal recruiter will have full responsibility for defining a potential staffing need with the business, going to the market to find potential candidates, assessing candidates against a prescribed set of criteria, managing the interview process, negotiating employment terms with successful candidates, and ensuring the successful onboarding of these new employees into the company. Nowadays, more attention is also being paid to the sub-discipline of Diversity & Inclusion, since multinational companies are increasingly aware that they need to hire a workforce that accurately reflects the demographic mix of the geographies they are operating in.

Suitability Factors

Talent Acquisition and Diversity experts need to be good communicators to attract and engage potential recruits. They need strong relationship management abilities in order to work with, and understand the needs of, internal business stakeholders. Talent Acquisition professionals at all levels need excellent project management skills to ensure speed and responsiveness at every stage of the recruitment process. More than ever before, Talent Acquisition leaders are expected to have a strong understanding of technology, social media, HRIS(HR Information Systems) and the nuances and applicability of various recruitment processes across different geographies.

There are comparatively few barriers to entry into the world of in-house recruitment, but top-class practitioners who can successfully master these responsibilities remain hard to find. These people can expect good long-term careers in recruitment leadership roles, although some expand their careers into other disciplines such as Talent Management or Generalist HR.

Example Job Titles

Head of Talent Acquisition; Head of Executive Recruitment; Director of Staffing; Talent Acquisition Director; Head of Strategic Sourcing; Recruitment Director; Head of Resourcing; Head of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I); Chief Diversity Officer.

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