The Compensation & Benefits (C&B) specialist looks after the pay structures and fringe benefits of employees within the organisation. The role aims to provide equity and consistency in how salaries and benefits are put together across different levels. At their most strategic level, the C&B specialist can devise salary levels, incentives, commission structures and benefits packages that can affect the performance of an entire organisation. At their most operational, the C&B specialist can also be responsible for HR data integrity, staff payroll operations and adherence to government regulations.

Suitability Factors

C&B specialists need to have a good head for numbers, which can often set them apart from the majority of HR specialisations that rely more on softer ‘people’ skills. However to truly become a master in the field, the C&B specialist must be just as savvy a people manager as a number cruncher, and there is more creativity involved in this role than meets the eye. There’s often nothing closer to an employee’s heart than their take-home pay, and C&B issues must be handled with a high degree of sensitivity as well as authority. Career C&B practitioners are sought-after across the world, and out of all the HR specialisations C&B is perhaps the one that is the most stable and recession-proof.

Example Job Titles

Director of Compensation & Benefits (C&B); Rewards Director; Head of Benefits; Executive Compensation Head; Head of Total Rewards; Head of Rewards & Recognition.

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