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Unlocking Diversity Through Organisational Purpose

Hosted by Vodafone

The link between diversity & inclusion and an organisation’s purpose in society was a core focus for the recent ChapmanCG HR Leaders roundtable hosted by Vodafone Ireland in Dublin. Intersectionality around purpose Many individuals and organisations are now talking about a higher purpose and how they can make a difference in society, not just company culture. The ...

The Digitalisation of HR in Istanbul

Hosted by Vodafone

On the 23rd February, around 30 HR Leaders gathered in the ‘cinema-like’ theatre at Vodafone’s head office in Istanbul to discuss the ‘Digitalisation of HR’, and the impact that this is having on business. With companies from a broad range of sectors, the session saw HR Directors from large multinational organisations, ...

Turkey HR Leaders Meeting – Digitalisation of HR

Hosted by Vodafone

Time: 08:30-12:00

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