How can HR leaders manage change? How can they implement the strategies needed to effect cultural, operational and structural change, and the engagement required in order for these changes to be of true value? Here are five of ChapmanCG’s most insightful content pieces touching on change management in the HR sphere.


Change or Be Changed – Adapting to Change

HR needs to adapt itself to cope with shifting technologies and novel business models. As an important functional entity that impacts every single stakeholder in the organisation, HR plays a significant role in a company’s transformation. ChapmanCG’s Tracy Goh explores the discussions on this topic at a ChapmanCG HR Leaders Roundtable hosted by Leesa Rawlings, APAC Head of Talent Engagement at Diageo, with insights from Kamali Rajesh, APAC HR Head at Syngenta and Lim Zhi Rong, APAC HR Head at Twitter.


HR and Coaching in Times of Change

How can HR adapt to the new style of coaching that’s required given the state of continuous reorganisation, rapidly changing environments and the surplus of new technologies that are constantly being unveiled? Graham Tollit and Anna Taylor share their insights from a ChapmanCG HR Leaders Roundtable hosted by Paolo Codazzi, HR Integration Leader & HR at GE Power.

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PODCAST: Viral Culture Change and Future-Fit Leadership

Supporting leaders to establish future-fit behaviours can play a critical role in helping culture change programs to go viral. Gina Wilson, EMEIA Organisational Development Leader at EY, shares her experiences of viral culture change programs with ChapmanCG’s Abby Walters.


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PODCAST: Sustaining a Global Change Agenda

In today’s business climate, employees have learned to expect change. However, if changes aren’t managed well then this can have a negative impact on employee engagement, which can in turn slow business performance. HR leaders need to be able to not only accept change, but anticipate it so that they can better help employees through it.

Alex Price, HR of Head for Financial Crime Compliance at Standard Chartered Bank discusses the strategy for sustaining a global change agenda with ChapmanCG’s Ben Davies.

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PODCAST: Open Source Change Management

Fifty-percent of change initiatives fail, so how does an open source approach to change increase your chances of success? Dr Daniels Dirks, CEB’s Consulting Director and Head of HR Consulting EMEA, discusses why so many change projects fail and how to approach change more effectively with Dr Frieder Rummel from ChapmanCG.

For more on Dr. Daniel Dirks’ research check out his white paper:


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