The Chapman Consulting Group launches the most comprehensive HR Career Management Portal in Asia Pacific Japan.

The Chapman Consulting Group has this week released its corporate website for the HR profession across Asia Pacific Japan – Almost six months in the making, the website aims to become the most comprehensive career management site for the HR profession across the region.


“We wanted to create a site that was more than just an advertisement of our HR Search capabilities or the HR Jobs we are currently working on”, said Matthew Chapman, Managing Director of The Chapman Consulting Group. “Our site will become a vital information tool for in-country HR talent across Asia Pacific Japan, regional HR talent who are covering multiple countries in the region, and global HR talent who cover the region as part of their international remit”, said Chapman.


Users of the site wanting to discover the differences in HR across the region will find a detailed breakdown of HR in 15 countries. HR professionals wanting to switch HR specialisations will find an in-depth analysis of 11 HR roles, including suitability factors for successful hires. The site also looks at the nine most common industry sectors, and helps to illuminate how HR differs in each.


One the most novel features of the site is a five-stage ‘Status Indicator’ system for HR searches in which members of The Chapman Consulting Group team are currently engaged. On a daily basis, the status of each job changes according to whether the job is Upcoming, Shortlisting, Interviewing, On Offer or Completed. “Our Status Indicator system is in response to widespread criticism of recruitment portals which often present
misleading information and outdated jobs. We want to be as transparent as possible and most of all, manage expectations”, said Chapman.

Another key feature of the new site is the HR Questions & Answers area, which is already receiving a great deal of attention. “In our role as HR search professionals, we are constantly asked all sorts of questions on HR-specific issues such as career planning, job hunting, networking, interview tips, relocation, remuneration, role definition, team structures and qualifications. We are also asked about the key differences in HR according to industry, location and job function. In answer to this, we wanted to create a bank of HR knowledge on the website so that we can share our expertise with the HR community at large.” Users are also able to post questions anonymously onto the site, allowing for a public, yet protected, exchange of ideas and advice for HR professionals in the region.


Chapman concludes: “We will constantly be innovating and upgrading our HR portal to include new information and new features in the future. We look forward to the website becoming an extension to our continued engagement with the HR community in the region and worldwide.”




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