Global HR Leader Series Begins in Europe

Today The Chapman Consulting Group will begin its sixth Global HR Leaders Series in London. The series, which takes place twice a year, will include more than 250 Global HR Leaders in London, Paris, Zurich, Milan, Copenhagen and Frankfurt.

The sessions will be hosted by British Petroleum (BP) in London; Carrefour in Paris; ABB in Zurich; Campari in Milan and Maersk in Copenhagen. These meetings aim to tackle the key HR issues of the day, and the current topic under discussion will be, “How Are HR Leaders Leveraging Big Data in a Global Context?”

“Data analytics in HR is becoming an increasingly complex area, and there is a growing need for HR talent to be skilled in this field,” said Matthew Chapman, CEO of The Chapman Consulting Group. “We are looking forward to learning about what innovative HR Leaders are doing in analytics, and getting a grip on exactly where companies are in this rapidly emerging domain.”

Matthew Chapman will attend all European HR Leader sessions, as will Tim Rayner and Andrew Bailey, both Directors with ChapmanCG, and Kirsty Jucker, a consultant. Updates will be posted on our website

For further information on The Chapman Consulting Group’s HR Leaders Series, please contact [email protected]


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